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Entry #2

Problem!!! No music approved!

2010-06-12 09:18:29 by StandingStill

It's been a while now. I submitted music the day this account signed up I moved music from our bands old account (ActualOccurences) to our new account (StandingStill). But still none of it has been approved. I know people hate it when other people bitch about their music not being approved but I had to get that out. What to do what to do about this awful conundrum.


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2010-06-12 09:20:18

how long have u been waiting?

StandingStill responds:

Since 6/3. The day I signed up like I said.


2010-06-12 09:54:19

Some people have been waiting a good few years to get music approved, i think its ashame if your stuff hasnt been approved cause theres loads of crap on the music portal that is somehow popular, newground users are strange people , approve crap and not good songs.

StandingStill responds:

You are right sir. But maybe I can PM some one and tell them about it. Do you think that would work or just piss them off?